Kentucky’s Final Four Win Over Louisville Prompts Wildcats Fans to Flip Cars, Burn Things (Video)


Apr 1, 2012

Kentucky fans didn’t bring it to Vancouver level after the Wildcats defeated Louisville to advance to the national championship game on Saturday, but they weren’t exactly quiet in their response.

Fans took to the streets after Kentucky’s 69-61 win, overturning cars and setting things on fire in celebration. Riot police used pepper spray in small amounts for crowd control as thousands of rowdy fans swarmed the area near the University of Kentucky campus in jubilation, according to The Associated Press.

Police anticipated such might occur — anticipation based mostly on common sense. It seems these days that just about every major sports victory has the potential to illicit some rioting, which never really made much sense.

Fortunately, this such instance was relatively tame when compared to the craziness that ensued in Vancouver following the Bruins’ victory over the Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final last June. During Saturday night’s “riots,” 150 officers were deployed to control the dangerous situation, according to The AP. As of 1 a.m., there were only 13 to 15 arrests, according to The Lexington-Herald Leader, many of which were for arson.

Officers in riot gear were reportedly forced to dodge bottles while trying to suppress the wildness, but there were no reports of major injuries to any.

One has to wonder, though, if this is the calm before the storm. A victory in Monday’s national championship game could create another rowdy scene. As mentioned, however, that seems to have become standard procedure when it comes to major sports wins these days — as unfortunate as it is.

Check out the video below to see some Kentucky fans lighting a couch on fire. There’s no word yet on if the rightful owner now completely regrets the decision as he’s forced to stand up while watching TV.

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Kentucky's Final Four Win Over Louisville Prompts Wildcats Fans to Flip Cars, Burn Things (Video)
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“This is my stage!”
-Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis after the Wildcats defeated Louisville on Saturday night. Davis clarified after the game that he said “stage,” rather than “state.” “State” would have been better. Just sayin’.

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Kentucky's Final Four Win Over Louisville Prompts Wildcats Fans to Flip Cars, Burn Things (Video)

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