Tickets to the Masters Chewed Up by Mischievous Dog


Dog is supposedly man's best friend.

But sometimes, as Russ Berkman learned, they do things they are not supposed to.

Berkman was thrilled to be going to the Masters' practice round Wednesday. That thrill turned to horror when he went to leave and could not find his tickets. And that horror turned to rage when he realized they were inside his dog.

A whole new range of emotions came into play when Berkman forced his dog to vomit, then excavated the tiny pieces of chewed-up ticket and put them back together like a jigsaw puzzle.

With a chewed, presumably smelly ticket, the Seattle resident may not get into the practice round. Of course, after what he's been through, he probably deserves tickets for the whole weekend.

As for the dog, the only excuse for his behavior is that he loves his Masters.

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