Metta World Peace Spreads Elbows, Not Good Tidings (Video)In a play that will go down in Ron Artest/Metta World Peace infamy, the Lakers forward was ejected from Los Angeles' game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday after sending his elbow into the side of James Harden's head.

World Peace had just made a fantastic move to the rim, and his ebullience after the play could have been why he was moving his arms so much on his way back up the court. But plenty who watched saw something else — the return of the dirty player once known as Ron Artest.

World Peace's arm made solid contact with the side of Harden's head, flooring Harden immediately. Harden was taken off the court for concussion tests and didn't return.

World Peace has a long history with squabbles and suspensions, most from his days as Artest. He was in the middle of the brawl between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons that led to him being suspended 86 games.

He's since changed his ways, though — and by doing more than just switching up his name. World Peace has been part of community and charitable efforts, and he was given the 2011 NBA Citizenship Award.

But all that seems secondary after this situation, where his temper seems to have gotten the best of him again. Whether or not World Peace intended to smack Harden in the head, swinging the elbows is always a dangerous move in basketball, and his judgment will be questioned.

A suspension from the league seems likely for World Peace. See what you think of the situation after watching the video below.