As an NHL fan, having your hometown team play at home for the start of the NHL Playoffs can be an extremely exciting opportunity, unless you’re a New York Rangers fan.

With the second set of Eastern Conference Playoff games less than an hour away, it’s time to see how expensive, or in some cases inexpensive, it can be to get yourself to an NHL Playoff game.

The graphic below shows a chart of the four Eastern Conference teams who hold home-ice advantage through the first series of play according to Seat Geek.

The New York Rangers top the chart with an average ticket price of $214 for a Game 1 ticket, and $232 for Game 2.

Following the Rangers on the list is the Pittsburgh Penguins, whose Game 2 tickets are going for an average price of $205.

The Boston Bruins wind up in the third spot here, with tickets for Thursday’s game going for $140, while Saturday’s matinee tickets are up to $176.

Last on the list — unsurprisingly — are the Florida Panthers. The average ticket price of a Florida Panthers playoff game is a mind-blowingly low $79. So if you’re a Panthers fan, you better find a way to get to that game while prices are so cheap.

Rangers, Penguins Own Highest Ticket Prices for Start of NHL Eastern Conference Playoffs