Panthers COO Michael Yormark Watches Game 7 With Devils Fan, Putting Stop to Twitter Battle (Video)


All is forgiven.

New Jersey Devils fan Lauren Ashley was among those who Florida Panthers COO Michael Yormark got into it with on Twitter this past week, but Yormark realized that he may have went a bit overboard and decided to invite Ashley to Thursday's Game 7.

Yormark announced that the Panthers would no longer sell plastic rats at their arena because of fans throwing them onto the ice. The news was met with skepticism, and led to some heated exchanges between Yormark and fans. His comment at Ashley was particularly questionable.

Yormark tweeted at Ashley, "you have 70 followers. No one cares what you think."

It's rare that you see a person in power completely crush a fan like that, so the firestorm following the argument was intense. The call-out also led to fellow fans rallying around Ashley, pushing her Twitter following to over 4,000 (more followers than Yormark has).

Yormark wanted to make amends personally, though, so he invited Ashley to watch Game 7 in Florida. Ashley accepted, and the two took in the game together, much to the delight of Ashley, whose Devils emerged victorious.

It's certainly good to see a happy ending to what had initially been a disappointing story.

Check out the video below to see the two hanging out before Game 7.

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