Patriots Have Some High Draft Picks, But May Be Interested in Trading Down for Depth (Podcast)The Patriots have four picks in the first two rounds of the NFL draft, but if the past has taught us anything it's that it's unlikely Bill Belichick and Co. stay put and use those picks in those slots.

That could very well be the case again this year, as those four picks represent two-thirds of the Patriots' picks in this weekend's draft. Patriots reporter Jeff Howe was a guest on the podcast with Mike Cole, and he said that it's likely that the Patriots look to trade down with those earlier picks in an attempt to stockpile picks in the middle to later rounds.

Also discussed on this week's podcast among other things:

  • Breaking down the possible choices if the Patriots keep one or two of their first-round picks
  • Which positions the Patriots may look at adding depth to
  • The best long-term player in the draft not named Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III

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