High School All-Star Game Features Football Formation and Alley-Oop Off Opening TipThe opening play of an All-Star basketball game featured one of the most hilarious and well-executed plays ever to grace high school basketball, albeit one better suited for the gridiron.

The play was reminiscent of Kevin Garnett's hike to Rajon Rondo during a game against the Lakers. In the Celtics game, the theatrics stopped there. The high-schoolers got a bit more creative.

After winning the opening tip, the players lined up in the backcourt in a football formation. The "wide receiver" then went in motion, and the ball was snapped. The "quarterback" fled the pocket and tossed the ball from halfcourt as his teammate rose to the rim to slam it home.

Despite what probably could have been called a 10-second violation, the half-court alley-oop was a huge success. 

Check out the video below to watch the play.