The Jets were made for HBO's Hard Knocks, and that was before they went and traded for Tim Tebow.

It only makes sense that they would return for what would be their second season on the show this summer, but they won't be on again if head coach Rex Ryan has his way.

Because of that supposed fact, the Jets apparently have some disagreement within their organization.

According to, Jets owner Woody Johnson wants the team featured on the popular HBO show, but Ryan isn't too keen on the idea. The loudmouth head coach doesn't want things to be even crazier than they already are, while Johnson somehow thinks the Jets need even more exposure and that exposure would be beneficial.

The report also indicates that the Broncos were HBO's first choice after they signed Peyton Manning, but they turned the offer down.

The Jets were last featured on the series in 2010, one of the most popular seasons in the series' history.