Tim Thomas Tells Crying Bruins Fan to Put Smile on Their Face Following B’s Season-Ending Loss (Video)


April 26, 2012

Smiles will be tough to come by in New England on Thursday morning, with the wound of the Bruins’ season-ending 2-1 overtime loss to the Capitals still fresh, but leave it to Tim Thomas to put it all in perspective.

The B’s goalie, who was the main reason the team won the Stanley Cup just one spring ago, was the one who gave up the game-ending tally to Washington’s Joel Ward.

It had to have been a dejecting moment for anyone, especially a player as competitive as Thomas.

Yet, even with the disappointment of a Cup-less summer ahead, Thomas was still able to put things in perspective rather quickly.

Immediately following the traditional series-ending handshake line at center ice at TD Garden, Thomas skated over to a fan sitting ice-side. Thomas, seeing that the fan was down in the dumps after a heartbreaking Bruins loss, did all he could to brighten the fan’s day.

Here’s how he did it.

Photo of the Day

Well done, No. 30.

Tim Thomas Tells Crying Bruins Fan to Put Smile on Their Face Following B's Season-Ending Loss (Video)

Quote of the Day

“Well, we got a win. That’s what it’s all about at the end. Three of those innings were clean, zeros. We like zeros.”
–Bobby Valentine will take wins any way he can get them right now

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There’s no real way to express how wrong you are, Mr. StoneBagel. #stacheforever


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