BOSTON — The Celtics and Hawks are headed for another first-round playoff matchup. Let's hope nobody gets bitten this time.

Monday marked the 29th anniversary of Atlanta's Wayne "Tree" Rollins biting Boston's Danny Ainge on the right middle finger during a first-round playoff game in 1983. The incident drew the memorable headline "Tree Bites Man" on the cover of the Boston Herald on April 25, 1983.

Ainge and the Celtics went on to beat the Hawks in three games. (The first round was best of three back then, with division champions getting first-round byes.) Rollins went on to become the spirit animal of Alex Burrows.

Check out the announcers reminiscing in the video below from the 1986 playoffs. Bonus points go to anyone who can name the future Celtics coach taking free throws in the video.