Victor Cruz Shows Off Salsa Moves, Likes Tim Tebow and New Nike Uniforms

Victor Cruz Shows Off Salsa Moves, Likes Tim Tebow and New Nike UniformsAlways a crowd favorite in New York, Victor Cruz was the star yet again when Nike released its new uniforms. Cruz didn't disappoint, being open with the crowd, speaking Spanish with reporters, and even showing a lucky reporter his trademark salsa moves.

Cruz talked about the new Nike uniforms and being able to represent such a well-known brand through the NFL.

"The uniform is great, it's comfortable, and it's light. It feels great to wear," said Cruz. "Nike is very important to kids and adults and it's important to represent Nike in a great manner."

In that same scope, Cruz explained that he wants to be a great representative of not only the global brand but his Hispanic roots.

"It's very important for me to represent Latinos and always to be a good role model for kids," said Cruz.

The Giants player also talked about the person that may replace him as the most media-friendly player in New York: Tim Tebow.

"I like Tim Tebow as a person," said the receiver, "He's a great guy. For him to come to this city and to bring Tebowmania to New York is great."

Then, of course, Cruz talked about the dance move that has defined him: the salsa.  He even took the time to dance with a reporter at the event (at the 1:13 mark in the video). Most importantly, he talked about the inspiration behind the famous dance:

"My grandma is always with me and she's not doing great right now," said the receiver. "She taught me how to dance when I was little and I think about her all the time. I'll be dancing salsa long after I stop playing football."

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