Which NHL Enforcer Would You Most Like to See Play for the Bruins?


Which NHL Enforcer Would You Most Like to See Play for the Bruins?Hockey can be a brutal game. It combines the violent hitting of football with the insane speeds of skating. All in all, it's a recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, there are rules that govern the game. Some of them are written down and enforced by the league, while others — well, not so much.

NHL enforcers have varying roles in today's NHL. They serve as protection for star players and inspiration for teammates and fans. They keep the game's violence from getting out of hand. Even in the chaos of the fights they participate in, enforcers keep order.

In this year's Stanley Cup playoffs, that order has been lacking in a lot of ways. Hitting and intensity have been high in every first-round series, including the Bruins' showdown with the Capitals. As Game 7 approaches, the Bruins are likely realizing the value of having enforcers on the roster.

Of course, they could always use a little extra help. Of the few truly talented enforcers in the league, one could certainly prove valuable in a B's sweater. But which one will it be?

Check out the poll below and vote on which NHL enforcer you would most like to see on Boston's roster.

Which NHL enforcer would you most like to see play for the Bruins?

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