Brian Scalabrine's talent — albeit minimal — apparently extends beyond the hardwood. At least when he's in "White Mamba" form.

Scalabrine appeared in a commercial for Power2Switch, a company that allows comparisons of local electricity prices in an effort to lower electric bills. The forward's performance is nothing short of electric.

Starring as the "White Mamba," a derivation of Kobe Bryant's famous "Black Mamba" nickname, Scalabrine shows off some ping-pong skills, flexes his muscle at dodgeball and even performs telekinesis. If you can wade through the rather creepy "Power2Switch" name drop, it's pretty enjoyable.

At the very least, the commercial serves as a reminder of why Scal is one of the NBA's most interesting characters.

Check out the commercial below, with a hat tip to SportsGrid for pointing it out.

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Something tells me this isn't the trophy LeBron James wants this season.

Brian Scalabrine Stars in Commercial as 'White Mamba,' Performs Telekinesis (Video)

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I'm going to assume you're going with the Eric Matthews voice here. Swe-Swe-Swe-Sweeney!

Brian Scalabrine Stars in Commercial as 'White Mamba,' Performs Telekinesis (Video)

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Forget the pitch. Those have got to be the creepiest mascots I've ever seen. … And why is there a batter?