Cody Ross Hates His Trademark Bat Flip, Wishes He Could Take Lance Berkman's ApproachIt sometimes seems that Cody Ross' bat flip is even more emphatic than his home runs. It's not by design.

Ross has become known over the years for dishing out a bold bat flip whenever he hits a home run, something that he's continued since arriving in Boston. However, according to, the bat flips are something Ross wishes he never started, although they come naturally rather than by choice.

"I'm not trying to show anybody up. It's just a reaction," he reportedly said of his trademark bat flip. "I actually don't like it. I wish I could get rid of my bat a different way, maybe like Lance Berkman, hitting it and setting it on the plate. It just happens."

Ross reportedly said he doesn't really think about how he lets go of his bat, no matter if it's a ground ball, a fly ball or a home run. He also doesn't know when the flip started, but he recalls first noticing when he was playing against Matt Cain and the Giants as a member of the Marlins.

"I hit a home run off of [Cain] and I guess I flipped my bat and he kind of stared at me and watched me run around the bases," Ross told "I didn't really realize I did it because I don't realize I'm doing it, and I don't want to do it. But it's just something that kind of happens."

As long as Ross keeps having a reason to flip his bat, Red Sox fans probably won't mind — even if it may rub some opponents the wrong way from time to time.