Dexter Fowler Pretends Field Is Lava, Impersonates Wilson From 'Home Improvement' (Caption Contest)

Rockies outfielder Dexter Fowler scaled the Dodger Stadium wall going for a ball the other night while a Los Angeles fan watched. It made for a funny scene, and we wanted to see what NESN readers had as a caption for the photo.

Here's a look at Saturday's #NESNCaption Caption Contest winners.

Joe E Callahan: "Juuuust a bit too high."

Brendon Cardinal: ‎"Hey there, neighbor. Whatcha doin?" Ya know, like Home Improvement?"

Aidan Breen: "jack, jack, theres a boat jack"

Matthew Maguire: ‎"I'm pretending that the ground is actually lava. But it's ok, I'm safe up here!"

Jay Leach: "A rude fan throws a baseball player onto the field."

David Sharpe: "Letgo my eggo…"

Each day at Noon ET, a photo will be posted on NESN's Facebook page and Twitter account with the hashtag #NESNcaption. Readers are encouraged to leave their original caption ideas in the Facebook comment section or by replying to the #NESNcaption tweet. Winning captions will be featured the following morning at 11:30 a.m. ET on