Dwyane Wade’s Rift With Erik Spoelstra Gets Attention From Ozzie Guillen, Who Says ‘You Can Guarantee a Fight’ if He’s Treated That Way


Dwyane Wade's Rift With Erik Spoelstra Gets Attention From Ozzie Guillen, Who Says 'You Can Guarantee a Fight' if He's Treated That WayA little player-coach tussle may be accepted on South Beach's basketball team, but the baseball team's skipper wants everyone to know that kind of behavior won't fly in his place.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen spoke up Friday about a situation in Thursday night's playoff game between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers where Miami star Dwyane Wade could be seen swearing and talking back to Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.

While discord between coaches and players may not be new, Guillen was quick to say it wouldn't happen in his clubhouse.

If a player got in his face, Guillen told the Palm Beach Post, "You can guarantee a fight."

Guillen admits he is not a big NBA fan, and he didn't see the confrontation, but he was adamant about how a player challenge would be received.

"I don't know Wade, I don't know the coach," he said, but "that's disrespectful."

While Guillen was strident about players taking on coaches, he didn't seem to mind the grumbling aspect as much.

"I guess they can get mad at me because I take him out of a game," he told the Palm Beach Post. "You know how many players I take out of a game and they go back and talk crap about me? I don't care."

Hear that, Marlins? Keep the badmouthing to behind Ozzie's back.

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