‘Supermoon’ Could Explain Celtics’ Emergence as NBA Title Contenders (Photos)

'Supermoon' Could Explain Celtics' Emergence as NBA Title Contenders (Photos)Kevin Garnett sounds like he has been studying the stars enough that he can tell if the planets will align for the Celtics this year.

Garnett made a reference to an obscure astrological moment after the Celtics beat the Hawks 101-79 in Game 4 of their opening-round Eastern Conference series.

The win was emphatic, but not everything has been running seamlessly for the C’s lately. Ray Allen is still working his way back from being sidelined with bone spurs in his ankles, and he apparently shocked his teammates the other day by — hold onto your hats — missing a free throw.

Garnett called attention to Allen’s rare miss after the Game 4 win and showed his vast knowledge base with his comments.

“I don’t know if you guys follow astrology and all the things with the moon and stuff,” Garnett told reporters. “I think the moon was the biggest that it’s been the other day. … When Ray missed the free throw the other day, it was like seeing that moon. I couldn’t believe it, because you see what he puts into his craft, and you see why he is who he is and the reputation he has earned.”

Garnett was referring to the “supermoon,” a rare phenomenon when the moon is both a full moon and the closest to earth that it gets during its orbit. The proximity of the moon makes it look as large as it possibly can, creating some awesome sights.

The latest supermoon — to which Garnett was referring — was on May 5.

What that really has to do with Allen’s shooting, no one knows, but the rare occurrence of the supermoon may mean that it’s in the stars for the C’s to hang another banner this year.

Watch the clip of Garnett citing the supermoon below, then check out some photos of the beautiful scenes the supermoon made recently, include a Tim Tebow sighting.

Click here to see photos of the supermoon>>

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