Kyrie Irving Poses as Old Man During Pickup Basketball Game, Surprises Everyone With Skills (Video)


When people are young, they often can’t wait to mature. Then, when they get older, they wish they could go back to being young again.

Kyrie Irving just might have the ability to do both.

Irving, who was named the NBA’s Rookie of the Year last week, appeared in a new Pepsi Max commercial, during which the Cavaliers guard dressed up to look like an old man known as Uncle Drew.

After a transformation that consists of makeup and prosthetic parts, the rookie sensation genuinely looked like an 80-year-old man who hasn’t touched a basketball since “the good ol’ days.” Much to the surprise of some players at a pickup basketball game in Bloomfield, N.J., though, Uncle Drew showed he still has plenty of game.

Irving — or Uncle Drew in this case — sat on the sidelines while his friend (posing as his nephew) played in the game. When one of the nephew’s teammates got “hurt,” Uncle Drew”stepped in in his place.

In the commercial, Irving hustles the youngsters and purposely plays poorly — like most anyone’s grandfather would. Until, that is, he burns his defender to flush home a dunk off the backboard.

That got the crowd going for what they thought was the greatest 80-year-old basketball player of all time.

Check out the hilarious commercial below.

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