Lucky Cincinnati Reds Fan Caleb Lloyd Catches Back-to-Back Home Runs (Video)


When you go to a major league baseball game, you hope that a home run gets hit your way so you can take a souvenir home. Last night, Cincinatti Reds fan Caleb Lloyd was lucky enough not to get just one home run ball, but two.

Lloyd was sitting in the left field bleachers when Reds pitcher Mike Leake went yard. Then, leadoff hitter Zach Cozart followed up with a home run of his own.

"The second one bounced behind me and bounced right into my lap," Lloyd said.

It was a wild night for the 20-year-old, considering Lloyd wasn't even planning on attending the Braves-Reds game until a friend dragged him to it.

"I was playing video games," Lloyd explained. "[My friend] said, 'Come on, come to the game with me' and his uncle. I said, 'Oh that sounds good.' I decided to come to the game and I got two home run balls — it's pretty special."

The craziest part? Lloyd didn't end up going home with either ball. He gave Leake back his home run, because it was the pitcher's first career dinger. The second, he gave away to his friend as a thank you. He's probably just confident that he'll get a couple more next time.

Check out video of Lloyd's two catches below.

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