Mark Cuban Gets Paid $1,000 to Draw Picture of a Cat (Photo)


Mark Cuban doesn't need any more money, but he's finding new ways to earn a couple of bucks. One of those new ways involves drawing a cat.

It sounds crazy, but Cuban actually raked in a $1,000 check for drawing a picture of two stick-figure cats kissing each other, according to TMZ. The transaction is reportedly part of what was initially a joke.

Cuban — the Dallas Mavericks owner who TMZ describes as an "investor" on the reality show Shark Tank — reportedly put $25,000 into a company called I Want to Draw a Cat for You, which is a website that sells personalized cartoon cats for $9.95 a piece.

Once Cuban made the investment, an offer was posted on the company's website stating that Cuban would personally draw a cat for someone for $1,000. The company apparently didn't think anyone would pull the trigger on the offer. They were wrong.

A 24-year-old man named David Switzer reportedly coughed up the dough and requested that Cuban draw a picture featuring himself and his girlfriend.

According to TMZ, Cuban is taking the offer seriously, and he has even reached out to the usual cat artist to get a better idea of what to draw.

Below is the example cat drawing via TMZ.

Mark Cuban Gets Paid $1,000 to Draw Picture of a Cat (Photo)
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