Metta World Peace Talks About Elbowing James Harden, Pulling Down Paul Pierce’s Shorts on ‘Conan’ (Video)


Metta World Peace Talks About Elbowing James Harden, Pulling Down Paul Pierce's Shorts on 'Conan' (Video)The topics Metta World Peace covered during Conan on Monday night were as widespread as his assaulting arms.

The Lakers forward appeared on Conan O'Brien's late-night show after canceling an earlier appearance.

World Peace spent a few minutes talking about the time he yanked down Paul Pierce's shorts during a game, saying it was the only way to guard the Celtics star. He added that Pierce sunk a 3-pointer right after the pantsing anyway.

World Peace was wearing a shirt with his own name emblazoned on the front, causing Conan sidekick Andy Richter to ask, "Do you wear your name on your shirt as a reminder?"

O'Brien started the appearance with questions about when World Peace smashed Oklahoma City's James Harden in the head with his elbow a couple of weeks ago. O'Brien showed the replay, and World Peace winced, prompting O'Brien to jab, "You're reacting the way a lot of people in America reacted."

O'Brien grilled World Peace on the incident. One time, when World Peace said he didn't realize Harden was near him, O'Brien asked, "Couldn't you feel a man’s head on your elbow?"

While World Peace did express some remorse, he also made other comments that showed that maybe he isn't quite contrite about the injury and the seven-game suspension that followed.

World Peace said Harden gravitates toward people's elbows, and he also said he didn't immediately check whether Harden was OK because he knew a hard hit was expected to draw a suspension, and the two teams would be seeing each other in the playoffs. He waited to call a "third party" to check on Harden until he knew Harden was really hurt and (as World Peace seems to suggest) not just goading the NBA into suspending World Peace for more games.

World Peace also attributed his flailing arms to the "aura" and "passion" that follow scoring points.

He said the suspension was deserved (although he didn't think it warranted seven games) but was upset at some "hypocrites" in the game who called him out afterward.

World Peace's wide-ranging interview also included his assessment that NBA players should wear form-fitting, spandex shorts ("'cause more girls would watch") as well as how he would guard President Barack Obama.

O'Brien took him to task for changing his name to World Peace when his on-court demeanor regularly suggests otherwise.

"I knew there was going to be a point when the aggression would come out on the court," World Peace said of changing his name from Ron Artest.

But, he insisted, he never takes that aggression and applies it to the rest of his life, such as his charitable efforts.

"There is no peace on the court," he said.

Watch a clip from World Peace's appearance on Conan below. Also check out a clip of when World Peace (then Artest) took down Pierce's drawers.

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