MLB Sells Roy Halladay Bobblehead Depicting Right-Hander as LeftyBobbleheads have always been a popular way to pay homage to the superstars in Major League Baseball. Superstars like Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay.

With two Cy Young awards, a perfect game and a playoff no-hitter under his belt, Halladay has quickly become one of the most prominent righty hurlers in the league. The only problem is, someone forgot to tell the makers of Halladay’s bobblehead that he was, in fact, a righty.

In a huge bobblehead blunder, the Shop offered up nodding figurines depicting Halladay as a southpaw instead of his natural right-handed self. To make matters worse, the imposter Halladay bobblehead is tossing with his left hand, while also raising his left leg.That’s one confused bobblehead and next to Hideo Nomo, that may perhaps be the strangest wind-up in league history. has since pulled the item from their website -– bad news for collectors of bizarre MLB memorbilia. Maybe next time they’ll watch a game before crafting a bobblehead, or at least look up the guy’s bio. It’s really not that difficult.