Junior Seau's Home Burglarized Days After Former NFL Star Found Dead, Says PoliceAs if Junior Seau’s family wasn’t dealing with enough grief already, there’s now a criminal investigation swirling around where he used to live.

Police are investigating an alleged burglary at Seau’s former home — a burglary that occurred only five days after the long-time NFL linebacker’s death, reports the North County Times.

The incident happened around 2 p.m. PT on May 7. The perpetrator gained entry to the garage through a doggy door, and made off with a bicycle that police estimate is worth about $500, according to police. The stolen item belongs to a friend of Seau.

The burglar did not enter any other part of the house, and police say that there are no indications anything else was taken.

Seau committed suicide on May 2 by shooting himself in the chest.