Report: Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios Company Lied to Employees About Selling Their Old Homes During Relocation


Report: Curt Schilling's 38 Studios Company Lied to Employees About Selling Their Old Homes During RelocationIf the reports coming out of Providence are true, all the bloody socks in the world won't be able to win Curt Schilling back any love from his former employees.

Schilling's video game company 38 Studios — which just laid off all 379 of its employees on Thursday afternoon — failed to sell some employees' old houses that the company told them it had, according to

As a result, these people learned this week that not only did they still own their former homes, but also that they were possibly on the hook to pay a second mortgage. At least one former employee said they were contacted directly by a bank to ask why the mortgage wasn't being paid anymore.

The company was trying to sell the houses as part of its relocation program, which helped employees move from Massachusetts to Rhode Island when the company relocated in 2010. A spokesman for 38 Studios said that the company is working to try and find a solution to the problems raised by the revelations.

The company first ran into trouble last week, when it bounced a $1.12 million check made out to the Rhode Island government as part of the repayment plan for the $75 million loan that lured Schilling's company to the state in the first place.

Schilling, who has denied any kind of financial wrongdoing on his own part, has largely remained quiet in the face of the storm that has enveloped his company — save for a few posts on his Facebook and Twitter pages thanking both his now-former employees and well-wishers.

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