Terrell Owens is no stranger to television, but the TV appearance he made Tuesday was unlike any he’s done before.

The six-time NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver wasn’t doing pushups in his driveway or eating popcorn after a touchdown. He was on the Dr. Phil show as three women grilled him about caring for his children.

Owens and three of the four women with whom he has had kids were guests on the show. Owens was teary-eyed at one point, and he defended himself at another point when a graphic that said “accused of being deadbeat dead” hovered under his face.

Owens has four children: a 12-year-old son, two 7-year-old daughters and a 5-year-old son. All four children were born to different women.

The mothers accused Owens of not spending enough time with his children and falling behind on child support payments. Owens is said to owe $20,000, $13,400, $11,200 and $5,000 a month to the four mothers, but he’s already spent most of the $80 million he earned over his NFL career.

Dr. Phil McGraw asked Owens if he planned to have the kids.

“No, it wasn’t a plan. I was irresponsible in that regard,” Owens said.

When accused of not seeing his children for long stretches, Owens said he is on the road a lot, and “every time I’ve reached out, it’s been a bad time.”

One mother said Owens “was trying to exploit his kid” by bringing him along to public appearances.

Owens also talked about his own father, whom he did not know for most of his life.

“I didn’t know why my daddy was until I was 10 or 12,” Owens said. “Surprising as it may seem, he was living right across the street.”

Owens last played in the NFL in 2010. He has said he wants to play again.

Watch a clip from the show below, and visit Dr. Phil’s website to see more of the topics that were covered when Owens was on the show.