Tim Donaghy Says Ray Allen’s Technical ‘Threw Me for a Loop,’ Didn’t See Consistency From Officials in Game 1 (Video)


The officiating for Game 1 of the Celtics-Heat series was suspect, so what better person to hear from than Tim Donaghy?

Donaghy, who refereed 13 seasons in the NBA and who is widely known for his allegations against the league's officiating, dropped by WEEI's Dennis and Callahan to discuss Monday's contest. The Celtics were assessed five technical fouls in that game, with a few being questionable.

Donaghy said it's clear to him that someone from the league talked to the officials before the game and told them to send a message to the players early on in the series. He said Ray Allen's technical foul, in particular, threw him for a loop.

The former NBA ref also had some other interesting comments, as he said he saw no consistency when it came to handing out technicals in Game 1.

Check out the video above to hear more from Donaghy.

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