Tracy McGrady Featured in Chinese Beer Commercial (Video)


Tracy McGrady hasn't averaged more than 20 points a game since the 2007-08 season, but that hasn't stopped the former superstar from grabbing headlines with a new endorsement deal.

A few years ago, an endorsement deal involving McGrady likely would have been for adidas, Nike or some other big name in the basketball world. But in 2012, with McGrady's scoring average dropping to 5.3 points per game, Xuejin is a more appropriate endorsement deal.

Xuejin, of course, is a Chinese beer company.

T-Mac promoting Chinese beer may seem like a stretch, but McGrady did play alongside Chinese icon Yao Ming. Yao was a hero in his home country, and that popularity appears to have spread to the rest of his teammates. And apparently, McGrady is still taking advantage of it.

The days of McGrady scoring big endorsements and being a hero in the United States may be behind him, but it's good to know he still has a niche somewhere. Even if it is many miles away from the place he calls home.

Check out the ad in the video below.

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