Vote: Should Cole Hamels Have Been Suspended for Beaning Bryce Harper?


Vote: Should Cole Hamels Have Been Suspended for Beaning Bryce Harper?Cole Hamels says he was just trying to bring back some old-time baseball. Major League Baseball says he was being dangerous.

Hamels was suspended for five games Monday after hitting Bryce Harper with a pitch in Sunday night’s game. Hamels said after the game that the beaning was intentional, as he was trying to welcome the 19-year-old phenom to the big leagues.

Many welcomed Hamels' honesty and sense of tradition, but others were more concerned about the precedent that has been set throughout the years from intentionally hitting players. While some fans see plunking as part of the tit-for-tat that goes into a contested game, league officials have been cracking down on the practice due to fears of life-altering injuries.

Harper seemed to have no problem with the pitch, as he tipped his cap back to the Phillies pitcher by stealing home later in the inning. Hamels was also plunked later in the game by the Nationals in the usual reciprocal payback move.

So, since Harper and the Nationals got their revenge, should Hamels have been suspended? And was he wrong to hit Harper in the first place? Share your view by voting now.

Do you agree with Major League Baseball's decision to suspend Cole Hamels for hitting Bryce Harper?

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