Wes Welker Claims Larry Izzo Once Earned Game Ball for Pooping on Sideline During Patriots Game (Video)

by NESN Staff

May 2, 2012

Professional football players usually earn game balls for spectacular plays. One time, Larry Izzo earned one from Bill Belichick by taking a poop on the sideline without anybody noticing.

“I guarantee that game ball is probably a more prized item for him than his Super Bowl rings,” Wes Welker told ESPN’s Dan LeBatard on a recent episode of Dan LeBatard Is Highly Questionable.

“It’s Izzo, it’s what the guy does!” Welker declares. “I’m telling you, the guy is phenomenal.”

Over the course of a highly entertaining interview with the ESPN2 host, Welker also explains the details of Tom Brady’s bathroom, how he’d like a do-over on the two Super Bowls he’s played in and how some people still struggle believing he plays football for a living.

Former Patriots linebacker Rosevelt Colvin also tweeted at @NESN to confirm the story as true.

See Welker’s claim for yourself in the video below, with the discussion of Izzo’s exploits starting around the 3:15 mark.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_4H-GmhTH0%5D

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