Brandon Jacobs Spends Day with Six-Year-Old Fan Who Sent Him $3.36 to Stay With GiantsFree agency can be a painful time for sports fans, when their team can't afford to pay their favorite player for a new contract.

One young fan wasn't about to let his favorite player, Brandon Jacobs, leave his former team without a fight.

When six-year-old New York Giants fan Joe Armento heard the team couldn't afford Jacobs, he sent the running back all the money he had. Enclosed with a letter to Jacobs was a whopping $3.36, which Jacobs said nearly brought him to tears.

Unfortunately for Joe, the money wasn't enough and Jacobs left the Giants for the San Francisco 49ers. Less than two weeks later, Jacobs repaid the young fan, with interest.

Jacobs called Joe's mother, Julie Armento, and told her he would be in New Jersey on Wednesday to pack up his belongings as he completed his move to California. Jacobs rented a bounce house for the day, and brought his five-year-old son to spend the day with the young Armento. Jacobs reportedly played in the bounce house with the kids for over two hours. He also repaid his young fan, giving him a five dollar bill and an autographed New York Giants helmet.

Although Joe Armento didn't get his wish of keeping Jacobs in a Giant's uniform, he earned a $1.64 profit, and got to spend two hours jumping around with his favorite professional athlete. He even has the signed helmet as tangible evidence that he is the coolest six-year-old in New Jersey.

Although on second thought, having a 6-foot-4, 2604-pound bruiser jumping around near your son might have given Mom some anxiety.

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Brandon Jacobs Spends Day with Six-Year-Old Fan Who Sent Him $3.36 to Stay With Giants

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