It might be best if we all come to grips with the reality that the Charlotte Bobcats’ uniforms will never look very good.

On the same day the Bobcats drew some rare praise for their creative choice for a new head coach, they reminded everyone that every step forward the organization takes is typically accompanied by two steps back.

The new get-ups, which were tweeted by UniWatch, were not really worse than their previous look. It has to be challenging to take a color scheme of dark blue, light blue, metallic blue and orange, plus a nickname with obnoxious etymology, and put together a decent uniform set.

Now that the team no longer is owned by Bob Johnson, Charlotte has even dropped the “Bob” from its home uniforms. Maybe next season they will complete the transition to current owner Michael Jordan and officially change their name to the “MichaelCats.”

Check out the photo in the tweet below.

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