Oklahoma City Church Urges Fans to ‘Thunder Up’ So Angels Can Get Their ‘Beards’ (Photo)


Besides their stellar play on the court this NBA season, there are two other things that are now synonomous with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The first is their rally cry of "Thunder Up." Similar to the playful "Cowboy Up" axiom of the 2004 Red Sox crew, the phrase can be routinely heard at OKC games and can be found on much of their recent merchandise.

The second, is the beard of shooting guard James Harden.

Buzzfeed Sports spotted one church that found a clever way to promote both the phrase and the beard. But don't whip out your copy of the Old Testament just yet, we're still double-checking to see if this is actually in there.

Oklahoma City Church Urges Fans to 'Thunder Up' So Angels Can Get Their 'Beards' (Photo)
Photo via Twitter/@BuzzFeedSports

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