Crazy Driver Cuts Across Infield to Intentionally Ram Another Car, Leading to Fist Fight on Track (Video)


Whether you're a racing aficionado or you don't know a lick about the sport, one thing everyone can probably agree on is that intentionally ramming another car is frowned upon.

It's even more questionable when the ramming involves disregarding the ongoing race, cutting across the infield and T-boning another driver. Yet that's what happened recently at Sportsdrome Speedway in Indiana.

As you'll see in the video below, one driver does his best to stick to the rules of racing, while another driver apparently gets so angry about something that he decides to throw proper etiquette out the window. Actually, he throws sanity out the window with his actions.

Both drivers ended up OK despite the crash, which becomes obvious when the two begin exchanging blows in the middle of the track.

Check out the mayhem in the video below, with a hat tip to SportsGrid for pointing out the bedlam.

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