Daniel Bard’s Return to Bullpen Hinges on Josh Beckett’s Shoulder Situation


Daniel Bard's Return to Bullpen Hinges on Josh Beckett's Shoulder SituationThe Red Sox have struggled with injuries and inconsistencies all season and are currently sitting at the bottom of their division.

With the Sox sitting at .500, fans are getting frustrated and wondering what needs to change in order for their team to become a force in the AL East once again.

Questions are flying about the future of Kevin Youkilis, when Carl Crawford can be expected to return to the lineup and whether Adrian Gonzalez will stay at first base or continue to visit right field.

NESN.com Red Sox reporter Didier Morais took to Twitter on Monday to answer your questions about how Josh Beckett's season is stacking up so far, whether Daniel Bard will make a return to the bullpen, who the Red Sox should bring in to help bolster the team and much more. 

Fans joined the chat using the hashtag #NESNLive. Check out the conversation below. 

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