Danny Ainge Says Kevin Garnett Likely to Return to Celtics if He Doesn't RetireKevin Garnett was huge for the Boston Celtics in the playoffs and played like he was in his 20s again. Now that the offseason has started for Boston, Celtics fans are still unsure if the All-Star still feels young enough for yet another season.

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge shed some light on Garnett’s status on WEEI on Wednesday. Ainge said he spoke with Garnett last week, and that he still needs more time to make his decision. However, when the time comes, Ainge felt confident that Garnett at least won’t be playing in a different uniform.

“I hope that he wants to come back,” Ainge said. “That’s sort of been the indication that, if he’s going to play, that he would like to come back to Boston. That’s where we are right now.”

Ainge continued to say that the makeup of the rest of the team could influence his decision.

“I think we’ll talk within the next week, but I’m not sure that’s a decision day for him. He may want to wait and see what sort of team we have… obviously what our plans are and what direction we’re trying to head are going to be important to Kevin.”

Ainge also discussed the upcoming NBA draft, and the Celtics’ two first-round picks. When asked about the likelihood of drafting Austin Rivers to play for his father, Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, Ainge said that trading up for the former Duke guard was unlikely.

“I think he’s going to be a top-10 pick, he has a very bright future,” Ainge said. “It’s too high of a move, maybe a 15, 16 or 17, but even that isn’t certain.”

He also downplayed rumors of a draft lottery conspiracy, and that the league fixed the lottery to give the New Orleans Hornets the No. 1 pick.

“No. Do you realize how many people would have to know and be involved in the conspiracy of the lottery? It’s too complicated, it just doesn’t happen.”

Ainge could not deeply discuss the decisions that are being made about the Celtics’ other free agents, such as Ray Allen, Brandon Bass, and Jeff Green. He said that Green is recovering nicely, and that he does not anticipate any health issues going forward.

With the upcoming NBA draft and several important free agents to make decisions on, as well as Garnett’s anticipated decision to return to the NBA or retire by July 1, Ainge and the Celtics will certainly be very busy in the next few weeks.