David Nalbandian Disqualified After Injuring Line Judge in Wimbledon Tuneup (Video)


The line judge's chair is usually one of the best places to watch a tennis match. Unless your name is Andrew McDougall.

McDougall was the line judge for the final of the AEGON Championships on Sunday between Argentina's David Nalbandian and Croatia's Marin Cilic. When Nalbandian felt the need to vent his frustration following a point in the second set, McDougall was the victim.

Nalbandian kicked a Nike advertising board directly into McDougall's shin, drawing blood and prompting the chair umpire to disqualify Nalbandian and award the match to Cilic, who had been trailing 6-7, 4-3 at the time.

The match was played at the Queen's Club in London as part of a warmup tournament for Wimbledon. Metropolitan Police are now considering investigating assault charges after a member of the public filed a complaint following Sunday's match. Nalbandian, for his part, has apologized to McDougall and says he acted out of frustration and did not mean to injure the official.

Check out the video below to watch Nalbandian lose his cool.

Thumbnail via Facebook/David Nalbandian

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