Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints aren't too happy with the way the whole Bountygate situation has played out. The Saints quarterback took to Twitter on Monday night to offer an interesting analogy.

Brees issued the following tweet.

Drew Brees Compares Bounty Program Evidence to 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' EvidenceThe interesting tweet came hours after the league insisted it had evidence in the Saints' apparent bounty program. The league showed reporters some of the 20,000 documents it says investigators uncovered — documents that included evidence that a $35,000 bounty was placed on Brett Favre during the 2010 NFC Championship Game.

The evidence reportedly included handwritten notes, documents from the Saints' computer system and witness testimony. Saints players, including Jonathan Vilma (suspended for the 2012 season) and Scott Fujita (suspended three games), were frustrated with the proceedings, however, with Vilma's attorney even calling the hearing "a sham."

"[Commissioner] Roger Goodell has taken three months to tear down what I built over eight years. It's tough to swallow. I have been linked to a bounty and it simply is not true," Vilma said. "I don't know how I can get a fair process when he is the judge, jury and executioner. You're assuming it will be fair, but it's not."

Brees' tweet shows that he agrees with Vilma's frustration over the apparent lack of evidence. The Bush Administration, of course, repeatedly said that Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, which was a claim that most Americans believed but turned out to be false.