Euro 2012 Kicks Off with Bizarre Opening Ceremony (Video)The 2012 UEFA European Championships started Friday with an entertaining 1-1 draw between Poland and Greece, but the best action of the day may have actually come before kickoff.

In an event that combined the core elements of a North Korean dance recital and the Ultra music festival, UEFA went for the grandiose in the most memorable opening ceremony in recent years.

By incorporating classical piano, mass choreographed dancing, and enough womping to satisfy even the most ardent dubstep fan, choreographer Marco Balich created an opening ceremony that could have been taken straight from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Things began innocuously enough with over 800 costumed dancers performing in-step with a traditional Polish composition played by Hungarian pianist Adam Gyorgy. But the introduction of Italian DJ Karmatronic — who stole his outfit from the Bee Gees — saw Warsaw’s National Stadium turn into the biggest rave on the planet.

The performance came to a close after 12 jaw-dropping minutes, and spectators returned to reality for the drama-filled opening game of what promises to be an exciting tournament.

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