Jerry Sandusky Trial Looking as One-Sided as Could Be Thus Far (Video)


The ongoing Jerry Sandusky trial is sickening to most. We'll soon find out if the jurors feel the same way.

Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel certainly thinks that will be the case at least. Wetzel, who has been covering the trial extensively, dropped by WEEI's Dennis and Callahan on Friday, and he found the proceedings to have been as one-sided as possible thus far.

"The prosecution, they didn't rest yesterday, but they essentially did and it only took four days," Wetzel said. "They thought the trial would go three weeks, maybe a month. Now it may go seven or eight days. So that pretty much tells you what happened. … I just don't know how you can listen to all of this stuff — trials are crazy, but how you don't listen to this stuff and say, 'This is just one of the creepiest guys and we need to put him away for about 500 or so years."'

In addition to discussing what has happened already, they discussed what could happen going forward and how shocking it is to see some still show support for Sandusky.

Check out the video above to hear more.

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