Jerry Sandusky Trial Like ‘All My Children’ Soap Opera, According to Defense Attorney Joe Amendola

Jerry Sandusky Trial Like 'All My Children' Soap Opera, According to Defense Attorney Joe AmendolaJoe Amendola was probably fighting an uphill battle by defending Jerry Sandusky in the former Penn State defensive coordinator's child sexual abuse case. But the attorney isn't making things any easier on himself.

Amendola is leading the defense of Sandusky after the prosecution rested last week in the trial surrounding allegations that Sandusky sexually abused a handful of children over the years.

Apparently Amendola is feeling pretty good about his side's chances, but he had an odd way of explaining that to a reporter on Tuesday morning.

Dave Marcheskie, a reporter for ABC27 in Harrisburg, Penn., tweeted that he asked Amendola whether or not Sandusky would be taking the stand this week. To which, Amendola reportedly responded "Stay tuned, it's like a soap opera." 

Marcheskie tweeted that he asked which soap opera, and Amendola responded with All My Children