Logan Morrison Feels Boston Should Be Proud of Fenway Park, Doesn’t Heed Fans’ Advice to ‘Take the Night Off’

Logan Morrison Feels Boston Should Be Proud of Fenway Park, Doesn't Heed Fans' Advice to 'Take the Night Off'BOSTON — Logan Morrison had been crushing Red Sox pitching all night as he prepared for another trip to the dish in the seventh inning.

The Marlins cleanup hitter was already 3-for-3 from the plate with a home run, two doubles and all five Miami RBIs as he approached the on-deck circle for the fourth time on the evening. And that's when loyal Red Sox fans really let him have it.

As he stepped out of the dugout, Morrison says that some fans sitting along the third-base dugout offered some harmless advice to the young slugger.

"'Hey, why don't you take the rest of the night off. You're crushing us,'" Morrison recalled with a laugh. "I get on the on-deck circle for my fourth at bat and they're yelling… So, that was fun."

Morrison enjoyed the humorous exchange with the fans and even went on further to express his admiration for the history and incomparable environment he felt during his first trip to Fenway Park.

"It's amazing. The fans are great," Morrison added. "I think it's definitely cozy. You get that 'the fans are on top of you' feeling. I like it. It's cool, it's good.It's a great park. Boston should be proud."

The experience would have surely been a lot cozier for the 24-year-old outfielder if the Marlins were able to overcome the 7-5 defeat. 

Surely "LoMo," as his teammates commonly refer to him, will be looking to rile up some fans with even more trips around the bases in the final two games of this series.