Manny Pacquiao’s Mom Among Those Upset by Split Decision That Gave Victory to Timothy Bradley


The collective feeling after the Manny PacquiaoTimothy Bradley fight was this: Pacman got robbed.

Split decision? Try wrong decision. Who called this fight, anyway? Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. still making moves to take down Manny from his jail cell? You usually only get screwed this much on pay-per-view for other reasons.

Plenty of people are already calling it the death of boxing. (The rest of the people don't know boxing exists).

Among the disheartened, apparently, is Pacquiao's mother.

"I'm going to watch the replay," Dionisia Pacquiao told the Inquirer. "I failed to see it live because I was in deep prayer. But I was informed by my daughter, Liza, and also by my friends that my son was robbed of the victory."

Dionisia, who has asked her son to retire from boxing, said she's now fine with Pacquiao and Bradley having a rematch.

"He was cheated," she said.

Dionisia joined throngs of Filipino supporters who were shocked and upset by the results. They told the Inquirer that they will still welcome Pacquiao, a congressman in the Philippines, back as a champion despite the fight's result.

No split decision there.

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Manny Pacquiao's Mom Among Those Upset by Split Decision That Gave Victory to Timothy Bradley

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