Maryland May Have Black Field Shaded Like Turtle Shell for Football Games Next Year

by NESN Staff

June 2, 2012

First it was the ghastly uniforms. Now Maryland's dubious football fashion sense is hitting the field.

The new Terrapins home football field is getting a facelift, WUSA 9 reports, and rumors have it that the new playing surface will be either pewter or black.

Some photos have even surfaced showing the new field as black with spiraling, turtle shell-like shapes all across. That's a fresh twist on random ways to deck out a field, a la Boise State's blue playing surface, since turf doesn't have to be the color of grass, anyway.

Maryland fans had already heard that the turf was being lifted on the football field so a new surface could be laid, but few expected such a daring design. (No one seems to be thinking about how stinking hot a black field has to be to play on, either. Even turf fields of green and blue have proven to be nasty on the feet.)

The school's media relations told WUSA 9 that final decisions hadn't been made yet, leaving fans and curious onlookers to wonder why the new development is moving at a tortoise's pace.

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Maryland May Have Black Field Shaded Like Turtle Shell for Football Games Next Year

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