Mike Tyson Tweets That Evander Holyfield’s Ear Would Have Tasted Better With Barbecue Sauce

Mike Tyson Tweets That Evander Holyfield's Ear Would Have Tasted Better With Barbecue SauceYou think you’ve seen it all on the Internet and then Mike Tyson comes along and makes you completely re-evaluate everything you thought was cool.

Tyson has been on a bit of a tear recently, from his Hangover movie cameos to his ramblings on talk shows to the announcement of his one-man show on Broadway. On Friday, however, with a couple of short keystrokes, he rendered all that previous work meaningless.

“[Evander Holyfield‘s] ear would’ve been much better with his new BBQ sauce,” Tyson announced to the world on Twitter. And of course (of course!) he ended his statement with the hashtag “#TGIF.” Because smothering ears with barbecue sauce is just the best way to cap off the work week.

The most wonderful part of this statement, however, might be that there’s no way of knowing what exactly Tyson was angling for when he clicked “Tweet.”

Is it all just a viral marketing campaign for the barbeque sauce that Holyfield orchestrated? Does Tyson feel guilty about biting Holyfield during their 1997 bout, to the point that he’s trying to help his former rival’s business unprovoked? Or does he earnestly believe that human ears could be suitable for his palate if he were to add a little flavor?

It’s well-documented at this point the Tyson is not like the rest of the world, and that shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anybody. But that he so brazenly — and openly — puts it on unfiltered display is refreshing.

He might not still be boxing, but score this round a win for Mike Tyson.

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Mike Tyson Tweets That Evander Holyfield's Ear Would Have Tasted Better With Barbecue Sauce

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