Paulina Gretzky Escalates Social Media Escapades Months After Being Kicked Off Twitter by Dad (Photos)


Paulina Gretzky Escalates Social Media Escapades Months After Being Kicked Off Twitter by Dad (Photos)He was known for a squeaky-clean image during his playing career, but Wayne Gretzky has had some bizarre news associated with his name pop up over the past few years.

First it was the gambling ring that his wife was under investigation by the state of New Jersey for back in 2006. Then it was selling his Sherwood Lakes estate to the since-disgraced former Major League Baseball center fielder and want-to-be businessman Lenny Dykstra, who intended to flip the house for a profit by advertising its association with Gretzky.

All of those problems, however, pale in comparison to having a hot daughter.

In November, the oldest of Gretzky’s five children, Paulina Gretzky, caught a lot of attention (and about 24,000 followers) on Twitter, mostly because she posted racy pictures of herself nearly daily. However, after a professed meeting with her Hall of Fame father regarding the pitfalls of social media, Gretzky announced she would be taking a break from Twitter. Granted, that lasted all of three days (“shhh don’t tell my dad,” she tweeted) but things died down a little bit at that point.

But there’s more than one way to share pictures on the Internet.

Since joining Instagram, Gretzky has attracted more than 37,000 followers. And not only has she resumed posting flattering pictures of herself, but she also seems to be pushing the envelope beyond what her dad kicked her off Twitter for in November.

They say sex sells, but since Instagram posts pictures into users’ “feeds” to share with friends for free, the only currency Gretzky is trading in is attention. She’s certainly earned a lot of that, and it’s not difficult to see why.

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