National Donut Day Reason to Celebrate Red Sox Pitchers Putting Up 'Donuts' At Fenway Park (Gallery)Happy National Donut Day!

In recognition of the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, and some of the greatest Red Sox pitching performances of all-time, National Donut Day is a perfect opportunity to give love to the Sox hurlers who put up no-no’s at Fenway Park. After all, putting up a donut in the hits column is no easy task at the Fens with that short porch in left.

From Rube Foster to Jon Lester, there have been nine no-hitters by Red Sox pitchers at Fenway Park, including two in 1916.There was also nearly a 40-year gap between no-no’s before Mel Parnell blanked the White Sox in 1956.

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