LeBron James Compared to Ohio Politician Josh Mandel in Campaign Attack Ad The "we are all witnesses" ads that showed LeBron James as the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers are back again. Only this time, they aren't about James, and they aren't positive.

It's an understatement to say that Ohio is still mad at James. With the state's ex-superstar in the NBA Finals and one win away from a championship Ohio residents feel the Cavaliers deserve, tempers are still boiling.

That's why it is still the biggest insult in Ohio to be compared to James.

The race for one of Ohio's Senate seats between incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown and his Republican challenger, Josh Mandel, has crossed into political attack ads. Brown went as far to compare Mandel to James and brought out the "we are all witnesses" ad that Cavaliers fans remember all too well, according to the Miami New Times.

The ad features Mandel with his arms out wide in a stance similar to LeBron's in the Nike ad, while money rains down on him. The political attack is a reference to an FBI investigation into Mandel's campaign contributions.

Worker's Voice will be running the ad in Ohio newspapers. The group's communication manager, Mike Gillis, said Mandel will hurt Ohio like James did.

"Josh Mandel has not been attentive to his job, and LeBron James didn't get his job done in Cleveland," Gillis said.

Brown's re-election campaign commnications manager Justin Barasky agrees.

"I would say that LeBron James and Josh Mandel are two people who can't be trusted and are bad for Ohio," Barasky said.

Ohio fans may never forget or forgive James.

Hat tip to SportsGrid for photo via Worker's Voice