Thunder Fans Coming Out in Force for NBA Finals, But Heat Supporters Have Some Work to Do (Photos, Video)As the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat battle it out on the court for supremacy in the NBA and bragging rights until next year's Finals, a different sort of struggle is being waged in the stands.

We're referring, of course, to the question of which team has the better fan base.

Unlike the actual games being played, this contest is quite a bit more one-sided. And if you've watched any of the playoffs this year, you can probably guess which way the scale is leaning.

Truth is, compared to Thunder fans, Heat fans simply can't measure up. Last we checked, denizens of Miami hadn't adorned a building with any kind of tribute to one of their players.

It's not just limited to extreme displays (or lack thereof) of fandom, either. Oklahoma City fans are raucous and intense. Miami fans can't be bothered to get excited except when it really counts. Oklahoma City fans are there to watch a basketball game and cheer on their team. Miami fans are there to socialize with friends.

Not to mention, the Heat give out free white T-shirts for everyone to wear. At least when the Thunder pull that stunt, they vary the colors.

But why keep merely reading about it? See it for yourself.

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