Patrik Elias Looks to Have Stolen Kings Stanley Cup-Winning Puck (Video)


As the Los Angeles Kings tossed their gloves into the air and prepared to hoist the franchise’s first-ever Stanley Cup trophy, they left one important piece of history behind on the ice. And it appears that a New Jersey Devils player may be in possession of the historic keepsake.

Devils forward Patrik Elias is the most likely suspect in the case of the missing puck. Elias, a 16-year NHL veteran and widely considered one of the most respected players in the NHL, can be seen picking up the puck during the Kings’ celebration after the 6-1 win in Game 6.

While the search for this year’s missing puck doesn’t quite meet the level of mystery involved in that of the Chicago Blackhawks Cup-winning puck from 2010, this year’s puck still has yet to be retrieved.

Rookie forward Jordan Nolan was the closest Kings player to the puck as the celebration ensued, according to Rich Hammond of LA Kings Insider, but, as the video shows, he never actually makes it all the way to the puck.

Check out the final moments of the Kings’ win and entire celebration in the video below. At about the 2:00 mark, Elias can be seen picking up an object near center ice — possibly the puck — with his stick and skating over to goalie Martin Brodeur before leaving the ice.

Maybe the 36-year-old Elias kept the puck for himself out of pure spite of the crushing loss, as it could be his last trip to the Final. Or maybe he gave it to Brodeur as a gift, thinking this was the veteran’s last game in net in the NHL.

Either way, check out the video below to draw your own conclusions.

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