Seventeen Dogs Ride on Surfboard, Breaking Guinness World Record (Video)


The dogs stepped away from the poker table and onto a surfboard.

A Guinness World Record was broken in California recently when 17 dogs tackled a wave on a surfboard. The dogs, which included the apparently famous Ricochet the Surf Dog, were joined on the board by a man named Scott Chandler.

There were initially going to be 20 dogs on the surfboard, but three bailed, leaving a little breathing room for those who stayed onboard. The record-breaking surf session was part of the seventh annual Loews Surf Dog Competition in Imperial Beach, Calif.

Don't worry. No dogs were hurt as part of the competition. You'll notice that in the video below, which clearly states that this is what California dogs do for fun.

Paw-abunga, indeed.

A hat tip to NBC Sports' Off the Bench blog for pointing out this gem.

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